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Carter/Luka Recs

I've got a few recs for the boys. Unfortunately, not all of them are available to be read right now, because the archive where they're at was hosed, and is being rebuilt. One of them IS elsewhere on the internet, and you can find it by searching in for either the story name or author name:

Falling, by Slyark -- a Carter/Luka in the Congo fic. This can be found at and you can also search for it on the internet.

Consequences, by Julie -- this is a work in progress, and is an excellent psychological study of the two men. It's only available at ERROS (er realm of slash), but is not yet back in the archive. Keep checking, because the archive is being updated daily.

To Dream, Perchance To Love, Summer In The City, Hearts In Darkness, Crossroads and For Such As These, by Kathryn "Prozac" Parsons. Again, usually at ERROS, and will be back up soon. These are epic instllments of a series featuring the two doctors.

There's also a Dave/Luka fic that has an episode with Carter in it, lots of hotness:

Waiting For A Valentine, by Ceindreadh. At ERROS and online.

There are some others at ERROS, but they're mine, and I'm not too sure about recommending my own fics :-)
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