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Delectable Hotness [27 May 2005|10:51pm]

I just wanted to make a quick comment about how yummy the guys looked in the season finale. For those of you who won't get to see if for a while, believe me, it will be well worth the wait *vbg*.

The Luka/Carter scenes were my favorite part of the episode -- my only complaint is that there weren't enough scenes with just the two of them *g*.
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An Essay On The Carter/Luka pairing [04 Dec 2004|05:46pm]

The essay that I was busy getting opinions for (thanks to everyone who helped with that) has been written and posted over at ship_manifesto . Of course, everyone here is already a lover of the pairing, but there might be some fics in the recommendations that I forgot to mention here.

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Help!!!!! [29 Oct 2004|01:18pm]

I've been approached by the people over at The Shipper's Manifesto (http://www.livejournal.com/~ship_manifesto) to do an essay about Carter and Luka. It's due to be posted in December, and, despite going over things a million times in my mind, I can't come up with why I like Carter and Luka as a couple. I feel like the kids in the television commercial for the American cereal Apple Jacks. They're usually shown sitting around and enjoying their cereal when someone else (usually an adult) looks at the box and asks them why they like it. The kids just stare at the adult, and sometimes will even go so far as to say "we just do", as if the reasons should be crystal clear.

I'm like that with Carter/Luka. I just like them. I can't seem to be able to come up with any concrete reasons as to why I like them, I just do. They go together (of course, I could say that about one of my other favorite Carter pairings -- Carter/Dave, although with them, I CAN come up with reasons).

So, I need your help. I'd like to know why you like Carter and Luka as a couple. What about them do you find attractive? Why do you think they work as a couple? Is there any one scene or episode that cemented them as a couple in your heart?

Thanks *g*
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Seeking A Carter Image [02 Oct 2004|12:02pm]

I'm looking for a screen shot of Carter from the beginning of "Mars Attacks", when he's standing outside of the hospital and wearing those great sunglasses and looking gorgeous. I should add that this is from Season 7.

Thanks in advance!
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Another ERROS Update [01 Oct 2004|09:36pm]

The story "The Eternal Quadrangle" has been added. By Scott J. Welles and Cathy Roberts, it's a Carter/Luka story...no, it's a Carter/Kerry story...no, wait...it's a Kerry/Abby story...no...it's an Abby/Luka story.

It, along with a whole bunch of "ER" slash fanfiction (a lot of which is Carter/Luka) can be found at the ER Realm Of Slash (ERROS) at www.errealmofslash.com
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Another ERROS Update [22 Sep 2004|07:04pm]

I've been busy :-)

Restored today were the following stories:

"Dr. Kovac, I Presume" -- Luka and Carter in the Congo

"Dreams In The Mist" -- The main character is Carter, but Luka is also in there romantically.

Both stories are by Cathy Roberts (me).


I'd also like to add that if anyone here would like to have their Luka/Carter stories posted in the ERROS archive, then you'll first need to join the ERROS yahoo group. There is a link to the ERROS yahoo group on the ERROS web site.

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Luka/Carter Update At ERROS [21 Sep 2004|09:29pm]

The following stories have been restored to the ERROS archive (www.errealmofslash.com):

"To Dream, Perchance To Love"
"Hearts In Darkness"
"For Such As These"
"Summer In The City"

All are by Kathryn "Prozac" Parsons, and they all take place in the same universe. "Hearts In Darkness" and "For Such As These" are sequels to "To Dream, Perchance To Love". "Summer In The City" is a standalone story from the same universe, and "Crossroads" is a cross-over with "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." and is a follow-up to "For Such As These".

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Luka/Carter slash fics uploaded [01 Sep 2004|11:36pm]

I just wanted to let people know that I've got several more Luka/Carter fics uploaded to ERROS (www.errealmofslash.com):

Consequences, by Julie (you definitely don't want to miss this one!)

The Beauty And His Beast, by Cathy Roberts (a twist on the fairy tale)

The Ghost Of Christmas Present, by Cathy Roberts (Christmas Day starts something new for Luka and Carter)

Desperate Vigil, by Cathy Roberts (Season 6. It follows up on "The Ghost Of Christmas Present", picking up on Valentine's Day and ending right after the episode "May Day".

Waiting For A Valentine, by Ceindreadh (This is part of a larger series about Luka and Dave, but this installment has Carter in it)

Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes, by MonaCK and Cathy Roberts (it's a Dave/Carter fic. No, it's a Luka/Carter fic. Who knows how it ends up?)

The Bar, by Elamae (the first chapter of what will hopefully be a series. Who should Carter meet in a bar -- Luka, of course.)

Some of these stories were mentioned in a previous post, but weren't available on the site then, and they are now. If you go on the site and search for Luka or Carter stories, you will get returns for stories that I still need to restore. For instance, Kathryn Parsons has several Luka/Carter stories, but the stories themselves need to be restored to the site and aren't available right now.

Enjoy your reading!
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Carter/Luka Drabbles [29 Aug 2004|01:35am]

I don't know how familiar everyone is with the concept of a drabble. For those of you who haven't heard of it, it's a story that's 100 words long. No more, no less. The title information doesn't get included in the word count. Drabbles are a great writing exercise, since you have to pick your words pretty carefully.

Anyway, I've got a few Carter/Luka drabbles to share, some rated G, some rated NC-17, under the cut tag:

Read more...Collapse )
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Recs for fics. [28 Aug 2004|07:41pm]

huntersglenn pointed me in the direction of this community, because I was, and sorta still am, a Carter/Luka fan.  I'm actually more of a Carter/Dave fan if you want to get technical... but we won't go there right now. ;)

First ofall, I need an ER icon.  That not withstanding...

You have to check out all of the fics that huntersglenn has written.  In my mind, she has always been the first and last person I think of when it comes to ER slash, and especially when it comes to Carter-centric ER slash.  Her stuff can be found here:


Seriously. You will NOT regret it... :) 
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Carter/Luka Recs [28 Aug 2004|07:07pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I've got a few recs for the boys. Unfortunately, not all of them are available to be read right now, because the archive where they're at was hosed, and is being rebuilt. One of them IS elsewhere on the internet, and you can find it by searching in google.com for either the story name or author name:

Falling, by Slyark -- a Carter/Luka in the Congo fic. This can be found at www.errealmofslash.com and you can also search for it on the internet.

Consequences, by Julie -- this is a work in progress, and is an excellent psychological study of the two men. It's only available at ERROS (er realm of slash), but is not yet back in the archive. Keep checking, because the archive is being updated daily.

To Dream, Perchance To Love, Summer In The City, Hearts In Darkness, Crossroads and For Such As These, by Kathryn "Prozac" Parsons. Again, usually at ERROS, and will be back up soon. These are epic instllments of a series featuring the two doctors.

There's also a Dave/Luka fic that has an episode with Carter in it, lots of hotness:

Waiting For A Valentine, by Ceindreadh. At ERROS and online.

There are some others at ERROS, but they're mine, and I'm not too sure about recommending my own fics :-)

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Last call for the ER challenge!! [29 Jun 2004|08:00pm]

Join, Create, Submit and, if you&apos;re lucky, WIN!</font>

Hey guys! Please come and join the new icon challenge community, icon_challenge_! This week’s challenge is ER. You may submit up to three icons to be voted on later in the week.

So please join, create, submit and, if you’re lucky, win!

[X-posted everywhere!]
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Are YOU up for the icon challenge? [17 Jun 2004|12:37am]

Join, Create, Submit and, if you&apos;re lucky, WIN!</font>

Hey guys! Please come and join the new icon challenge community, icon_challenge_! This week’s challenge is ER. You may submit up to three icons to be voted on later in the week.

So please join, create, submit and, if you’re lucky, win!

[X-posted everywhere!]
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[04 Jun 2004|04:41pm]



Today our beloved Dr.Carter is 34 years-old!!Congratulations!!!

Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you...!!

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Fic Rec - Gen [02 Jun 2004|11:43pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

Hmm...not in such a good mood right now so I thought I'd cheer myself up looking into Kovac/Carter stuff *g* Saw the fic rec for Destina's works and thought I'd post one of the best fic I've read in the ER fandom so far.

Sadly, it's not slash (although there's sooo much dramatic potential), but it's centered around our two guys. There's no ship either, although the sequel does have it - I've been hesitant to touch it for that reason :p Anyways, the fic's Pocket Change by Sharon R. Don't read it though if you can't stand the two of them just being mediocre friends in a story. I say it's great though just to watch them come to learn about and respect one another.


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More fic recs [02 Jun 2004|02:49pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Into the wild by Destina.

Go and fangirl her into writing more Luka/Carter fics. She´s written two and are the two best pieces of the fandom.

Go and give feedback.

It´s like an order.

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DVD, youth and the tragedy of translation [28 May 2004|01:53pm]


So, we got O.R. = Operation Room...

And then we got I.V. right, too.

But then it got harder and harder...

And last night we nailed EKG, which was a great accomplishment.

But really how do the people from the Spanish version translate this things? How do they dub it? How could "electrocardigrama" fit where E.K.G. used to be?

Apart from these little technical problems the 1st Season DVDs are totally enjoyable, but angsty as hell (remembering what being a Doug/Carol shipper was like in those early days is not painless).

Anyway Carter is lovably clumsy, and Benton is the mean ol´ Benton we know and adore, and Mark and Susan couldn´t be cuter.

Full review of the season when we´re done with the viewing.

PS: Please people, encourage Cyn not to be so self-counscious of his English.

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[25 May 2004|02:08pm]

[ mood | happy ]

The sunday Zau and me went to the Rastro and bought the first ER's season in DVD!!we were very happy. The DVD's are very good with enterviews and bloopers though their presentation is so much simple...and they have used two sides DVD's...

Yesterday we spent all the evening seeing the first 8 episodes and the pilot until 3 a.m. and today both got an exam...it could be a ER exam...^^

All the actors were so young...Noah was lovely!!in Dr.Benton's words!I can't remember see Carter so innocent if you know what I mean. And in the interviews Noah is bloody sexy...grrrr...

I hope that Zau made a post here today about the DVD's...in his much better english ^^U

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FIC recs [22 May 2004|01:47pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

There are few Luka/Carter fics out there (this is a doom ship, doom, doom) but the best of them is this:

Incarnate by Destina.

Marvellous, and hot as hell (ah, the Luka/Carter smut, life cannot get better than that). Don´t forget to give feedback to the author.

For the daring out there you can also try my own L/C fic. It´s NC-17 kiddos.

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[17 May 2004|02:39pm]


Welcome indeed.


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