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Undiscovered Love...

...but then there was The Congo

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So Zau and Cyn finally created a community for the Luka/Carter slashers out there (don´t be shy, we KNOW you´re there, don´t hide).

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

This is a community dedicated to spread the LOVE between Luka Kovac and John Carter, the two handsomest characters in ER. They may deny it, but we know the LOVE is there. So slashers and ER fans alike are welcome here. We are also het friendly (if it´s not Luka/female character or Carter/female character).

What´s going to be here?

Character and relationship disscussions, fanfic, fanart, pics (yes, yummy pics of our boys...), quotes, anything related to Luka and Carter that pops into your mind.