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Carter/Luka Recs

I've got a few recs for the boys. Unfortunately, not all of them are available to be read right now, because the archive where they're at was hosed, and is being rebuilt. One of them IS elsewhere on the internet, and you can find it by searching in for either the story name or author name:

Falling, by Slyark -- a Carter/Luka in the Congo fic. This can be found at and you can also search for it on the internet.

Consequences, by Julie -- this is a work in progress, and is an excellent psychological study of the two men. It's only available at ERROS (er realm of slash), but is not yet back in the archive. Keep checking, because the archive is being updated daily.

To Dream, Perchance To Love, Summer In The City, Hearts In Darkness, Crossroads and For Such As These, by Kathryn "Prozac" Parsons. Again, usually at ERROS, and will be back up soon. These are epic instllments of a series featuring the two doctors.

There's also a Dave/Luka fic that has an episode with Carter in it, lots of hotness:

Waiting For A Valentine, by Ceindreadh. At ERROS and online.

There are some others at ERROS, but they're mine, and I'm not too sure about recommending my own fics :-)
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Someone else is posting in the community!!!! I'm gonna cry of happiness T_T

thanks for the recs!!!I will check out all of them!
(hands you a box of tissues)

Enjoy! I love your icon :-)

But, yeah, is it okay for me to rec my own stuff? I've got several Carter/Luka fics, and one that starts out Carter/Luka, then is Carter/Dave, gets complicated...
I should add that when I say 'I've got', that some are co-written.
no problem
this comunity was made to rec Carter/Luka o Luka/Carter fics, doesn't matter if you are the writer.

and I love your icon... Noah smiling...
Thanks :-) Someone made that as a present for me.

A friend of mine (and a co-writer) did recommend my stuff (see Mona's post). So, hopefully, everyone can find something new to read. And I've been keeping the community updated on when the Luka/Carter fics by other people have been resored to the ERROS web site. ERROS is a YG for "ER" m/m slash, and we have a web site to archive nearly all of the fics that have been posted at the group.

I was wondering -- I have a links section on the ERROS web site, and I wanted to know if it would be okay to advertise this community there, and also on the YG site for ERROS. I don't know how many of our group members also have LJ, but I'm sure that those who do, and who are Luka/Carter fans, would love to know about this community.

For what it's worth, I think you need to recommend your own fics. I've enjoyed your stories for a long time, and I have your site bookmarked :)

Since I first asked, I have ended up pimping the stories on here -- hopefully, people are enjoying reading them!
I bet more people than you think read your stories, they just don't admit to it in public :)
Yeah, slash is often one of life's guilty pleasures :-)

Thanks for being one reader who's willing to admit it :-)
And if you didn't get any material for future stories from tonight's episode, I'll be disappointed :)

Seriously, if you don't want to know, then stop reading now.

I mean it. Don't read any further :-)

LOL! They looked so....good together, didn't they? And he called him "John"...sigh. If only those words of "I love you" weren't directed at Sam, then it would be a perfect set-up (not that I'm complaining too much. I don't think we've EVER heard Luka tell anyone that he loved them, so that was good to hear, and I do like him with Sam. I wish she would have actually said it back to him, though.

Aww man, that scene in the lounge with a half drunk & vulnerable Carter just waiting to be putty in Luka's hands......priceless. I think we need a story on that, what do you say?
Are you volunteering *vbeg*?
HAHAHAHA nope, I was hoping it would get your creative juices flowing.
Oh, well they are flowing! Just not on that scene. There's a Carter/Luka fic in the works, and a Carter/Dave fic, too. And a few other non-slash "ER" stories (plus a LOTR story, non-slash). Probably too many WIPs for my head to handle :-)
New Carter/Luka fic??? How soon will we have it in our filthy little minds?? :)
Not sure. It's going to be a long one, I know that already :-)

Lately, I've been in the habit of not posting a story until it's completed (because I don't like having unfinished stories out there. The ones that are out there are quite enough), so there's no telling how much time it will take. I'm already about 20 pages into it, and really need to get "The Day After Tomorrow" DVD so I can double check some things (it's not really a crossover, but it will be happening in the same universe as the movie, and will also feature Benton, Cleo and Dave, but the slashy stuff will be Carter and Luka).

I did get some slashy thoughts this past episode, but they weren't geared toward Carter and Luka...*vbeg*
Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah, so rather than give us a chapter here and there, you'd rather let us stew in the agony of no new Luker (Carka? hehe) stories??? Arrrrgh!! :)
Umm....yeah, that's exactly it!

There are some spoilers in the first chapters for this season, and the slash, when it happens, won't be until waaay into the story. But it WILL happen *vbeg*.
If I could cultivate my own ideas, I would write my own story to keep me occupied :)
I do maintain (more or less, mostly less) a community where people can post various story ideas, etc. It's called The Writer's Muse and you can find it here:

I don't advertise it, so there's not a lot of members, but...
Good ideas, but nothing spoke to me. I'll keep an eye on it, see if anything comes along :)
Hi - I am definitely happy to discover this. cool job!