the enigmatic E. (zauberer_sirin) wrote in luka_carter,
the enigmatic E.

DVD, youth and the tragedy of translation

So, we got O.R. = Operation Room...

And then we got I.V. right, too.

But then it got harder and harder...

And last night we nailed EKG, which was a great accomplishment.

But really how do the people from the Spanish version translate this things? How do they dub it? How could "electrocardigrama" fit where E.K.G. used to be?

Apart from these little technical problems the 1st Season DVDs are totally enjoyable, but angsty as hell (remembering what being a Doug/Carol shipper was like in those early days is not painless).

Anyway Carter is lovably clumsy, and Benton is the mean ol´ Benton we know and adore, and Mark and Susan couldn´t be cuter.

Full review of the season when we´re done with the viewing.

PS: Please people, encourage Cyn not to be so self-counscious of his English.

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